Holland and Barrett hauls 

    Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m obsessed with Holland and Barrett, half my wages go to the shop. I thought I would show a few of my favourite recent buys and you’ll probably see a few more in the future. The first item is little miracles organic energy drink, my favourite is the white tea and cherry, these are amazing and so much better for than red bull and monster! 

The second is the Dead Sea Magik super night cream. I always have to put this on before I go to bed, in the morning my face feels so soft and it doesn’t feel heavy and oily on my face, it really is magic. 

The top of my list is the Dr organic tea tree face wash. I’ve never loved a face wash more, it’s so nice on my face as it doesn’t feel really dry and it feels incredibly clean. I love the smell of lemons and this have a really nice scent to it. My top thing about this face wash is that there is only 12 ingredients and they’re all natural.

Hope you enjoyed the post                     Abi xo 


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