The fitness journey 

        These photos are a bit pants but this was a last minute idea blog post. Last year I chose to try get fit for the wrong reasons, I wanted to loose lots of weight but slowly you realise that everyone is different and it’s better to be healthy than being underweight, so I really worked hard on just keeping fit,  eventually my stomach got to the way it was in the photo above. 

I bought my gym membership and at first I used it all the time but then we got the family horse (Leah) and that alone works the muscles in your arms and back really well so eventually I cancelled my gym membership because I wasn’t going because I had no time and that was in the last few days. 

Recently I’ve lost my motivation but I’m determined to get back to how I was because it’s such a great feeling and helps with stressful situations. It’s the only time I get to focus on one thing and get to think. So as of today my next few blog posts will be about getting back to the way I was and lots of it will be on food because food is amazing. 

Hope you enjoyed the post! 

Abi xo 

(P.s enjoy the Alice in wonderland motivation) 


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