The white company 

 Recently I have become obsessed with candles because of how relaxing and fragrant they are. In my woman’s health and fitness magazine it had a discoun for any sale items from the White company. I had just been paid so I decided to treat myself and picked up a few candles. 

The first candle is called mustique, I didn’t really know how this one would smell  but I thought i would give it a try  , it smells absolutely DEVINE! It’s lasting very well for a small candle and was definitely worth the money. 

My second candle was Magnolia which was the first one I picked out when looking, again this one smells Devine, the packaging was beautifully done and it has lasted and is still going, when you blow it out it leaves a fresh scent in the room. Instead of that really awful smell that can be left by candles. 

Overall I was very impressed with the quality of the candles and how quickly my delivery came! Plus who could resist the free delivery on the discount card! 

Apologies for the short post but I hope you enjoyed it

Abi x 


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