A year ago today 

 A year ago today was completely different to how I feel today, a year ago today I was in A&E for attempted suicide. I felt there was nothing left to live for and that nothing would ever get better. I wasn’t getting therapy and no one could see what the problem was or why I felt this way. In some respect I don’t know either still today. But this year I’m not better but I’m getting there, I’m open with my family about how I feel and I don’t hold back my emotions. If it wasn’t for my friends, family and boyfriends support I definitely wouldn’t be here today, and it proves life does get better whether you believe it or not. Whether you have been in and out of therapy for 7 years it still gets better. There are so many things in life to remember and be grateful for; you’ve just got to learn to appreciate every moment you’ve got. 

So yay for today the good and the bad and yay for the light at the end of a tunnel. Yay for happiness and yay for sadness and never be afraid to be vulnerable and honest. 


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