The past year- pregnancy and dropping out of college… 

So it’s safe to say 2016 has been packed and busy and a lot of dramatic changes have happened all in one hit. As it’s drawing close to the end of the year and Christmas is just round the corner I thought I would speak my mind a little bit. This blog needs a little bit of uplifting and I feel like this definitely is just that too me. 

At the beginning of the year I dropped out of college and with all the judgement I got from the older generation was not pleasant however at the same time it pushes you to realise you can achieve what you want without grades on a piece of paper. College is not everyone and that needs to be taught, I’m now able to support myself and be independent. Working has made me unbelievably happy no matter how many hours I do, it’s nice to say I’ve found the balance. 

However in June, only working in my new job for 6 months, I found out one of the most life changing and terrifying things in my life, I was pregnant. My instant reaction was to go outside and have ridiculous amounts of cigarettes whilst I figure out how to tell my boyfriend and my mother. Did I even want the child? Could I live up and cope with the judgement for being so young? To keep this short and sweet lewis and I didn’t take it well and we had a massive panic, then mum was actually quite happy, cool, calm and collected. 

Now I’ve got used to the idea of being pregnant and I’m slightly happy it’s changed my life for the better by not smoking and drinking to solve my problems. The best thing is knowing that I’m being discharged from therapy in a few sessions and that’s thanks to all this. The shock has turned into something good. 

Today’s society tells me I’m too young and I’ll never be able to do this, the looks of disgust people give me in the streets. Even now I get slightly nervous about seeing people I know from college or secondary school and them noticing me being pregnant. Life is life, if people want to judge so be it, I can’t thank the people that have supported me enough through this and it’s all the excuse in the world for extra coffees and lunches out! 

At the end of the day, enjoy your life and take on everything with your head held high with pride, because it’s not worth worrying about other people’s opinions. 

Abi x 


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