“The art of relaxing”

This year one of my many resolutions is to learn the ‘art of relaxing’ Relaxing is one of those things that I’ve always struggled to get the grips because there is always something to do- you never switch off. For me it was being in the hospital written off work for exhaustion for one week that gave me the kick up the backside I needed to learn that making time for yourself is important. Your body needs to recharge itself otherwise it will begin to self destruct, so these are the steps I’m taking (hoping if I write them on here I’ll actually do them). 

1. Stretch or practise yoga in the morning or the evening. When I was younger I used to do this daily to help me fall asleep or to wake me up before a morning run. It was so calming it’s just another thing to get back into. 

2. Once a week treat myself to a luxurious bubble bath with all the oils and bath bombs imaginable and complete it with a face mask. Ok so I’m hoping even when I’m a mother this might be possible to complete one of the two at least. They’re one of those things that make you feel good about yourself inside and out, therefore easing up and allowing you to unwind and not think about anything else. 

3. Read, read read. Whether this is the news when I get up or a chapter of a book or blog posts. Knowledge is power, this way I’m learning and relaxing at the same time. 

4. In the evenings give myself 10 minutes to look at my daily quote, along with 5 positive things about the day. Making me realise that a lot can be achieved, even if it’s the little things, to remind yourself that a little ‘you’ time doesn’t hurt. 

5. Last but not least, once baby is born, get back into my fitness pattern to release those endorphins and make me a happier, less grumpy and tired human being. 

Wish me luck 

Abi x 


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