Fitness with a baby 

So on the 9th February I welcomed my little bundle of joy Dominic, I never thought I would love my own child this much but I do. Now I’ll admit that the first two/three weeks were ABSOLUTE hell, would I say it’s worth it? Yes it’s taught a me a few things to say the least. But within those first few weeks I got diagnosed with post natal depression, something I never thought would happen. 

The one thing that has helped me get through all this is exercise and working out, even if it’s just going on a little walk with Dominic it’s all worth it and makes a difference (plus the walks get us out the house).   The first 6 weeks you need to let the body heal so taking him on a stroll was just about the only form of exercise I could do. After that it becomes slightly easier and you can slowly build up what you’re doing. 

Working out with a newborn can be extremely difficult though, but there are a few points that I’ve realised so I can workout and be happy and the baby can too. 

1. Put the baby under you when doing planks, so you can keep them entertained and motivate you to stay up for longer. 

2. Place the baby in front of a mirror, they’ll get distracted and easily entertain themselves. 

3. If you’re squatting or lunging or even doing calve raises use them as a weights just make sure you’re holding them properly. 

4. If you’re walking along the street with the pram (and no cars are about if you’re shy) practise those lunges again. 

My most important but favourite one is dance about the house with the baby, Dominic loves it when I do this silly move with him and it’s so entertaining watching him smile and be happy. 

The happier you are and the better you eat the happier your baby will be too. 

At pregnancy weight I was 91kg, I’m now down to 80kg and the goal is 65/70kg so let’s see how it all goes. 

Abi xox 


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