Where I want to be 

Where do I want to go? In life? With my body? Friendships? Jobs? Happiness? 

With my life who knows, when we’re younger we all want to be princesses and firefighters. Then we get to school and we are told we have our whole lives to sort out what we want to do as a career yet by year 10 we’ve got to make decisions on our education that effect our career choices for the rest of our lives no matter whether we are in a good mental state or bad. As for me? Now with a baby making a career seems hard but I still want try and educate myself about nutrition- let’s just see how that one plays out! 

With my body I’ve still got 15kg pregnancy weight to loose. In the photos the top one was 3 years ago, my lowest mental point- eating 200 calories a day, exercising for two hours a day. NOT HEALTHY. Yes my body looks great but I was miserable. The middle photo was when I was 36 weeks pregnant, the highest weight in my life 92kg. Happiness comes at a price, Dominic was worth every second and will continue to be. Now the third photo taken a couple of weeks ago- stomach sucked in, lighting and good lighting. I want to get back to the top photo but do it properly this time. That way I can be happy, healthy and feel like I still look good, gain the confidence to put a pair of shorts on again this summer. 

Friendships- so important. This is my time, the opportunity to re kindle some, let go of a couple and create more. Keep the people that make just as much effort as you, make you smile, support you and not knock you down. I’m so grateful for those around me, they teach me so much, all the individual stories and conversations are fascinating. Quality not quantity. Forgive but not forget. Most importantly- don’t regret. 

Love Abi xo 


3 thoughts on “Where I want to be 

  1. Great blog post Abi. I can probably put you in touch with some-one who has good knowledge of nutrition, exercise and having recently had a baby. She ran up until about 34 weeks and exercised almost all the way through. She also has experience of some other parts of your journey by the sounds of it. She has been called inspirational by some people although I just call her Tracey! I think you will manage to get where you want to be healthily and with the determination you have you can do anything.


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