Life is too short 

After recent events (A fair few) life has hit me smack bang in the face with a new perspective. No one knows how long anyone is going to live, so why do we worry about the little things? Everyone speaks out about living everyday like it’s your last, enjoying and being grateful for what you have but how many people go through with that? 

What happened to making time to see the ones you care about instead of just texting them or picking up the phone to check up on how people are doing? The art of conversation has been lost through technology, everyone is too busy on their phones or laptops to enjoy the time and the quality of people around them. Live in the moment. Take every mistake as a lesson. 

One of my biggest issues is leaving Dominic to go out by myself and just have time with friends and I, going for a drink or going clubbing. Yes he is growing but I need to grow still too. Everyone needs a break but I am grateful for every moment I have with him. Life is too short. If you want to travel around the world, save up and do it. A career or dream you want to do- work hard  and achieve it. Nothing is ever impossible when you put your mind to it. 

We all care too much about others opinions and not enough of our own. Do something for your happiness and not everyone else’s, there is always going to be someone that has to speak up and disagree or say something nasty about what you do and your lifestyle choices. Be selfish. It’s ok to be selfish every now and again, you may want to please everyone but unfortunately you never can. 

Do it now before it’s too late as you will never know what tomorrow brings. Live everyday as your last it’s not worth missing out of opportunities you were able to do. 

Be grateful for what you have and make the most of it. 

Abi xoxo


3 thoughts on “Life is too short 

  1. Thank you Abi….

    In the old old days one used to write letters …. cant even remember the last time I got one thru snail mail !!

    That is why they tell mothers in airplane emergencies mothers need to be “selfish” and use the Oxygen masks FIRST so that they will be able to properly care for their baby s needs!


  2. How is one so young so wise?
    I don’t necessarily think what you’re talking about is being selfish. Being selfish means not caring about any-one else at all. What I think you’re talking about is putting yourself higher up the list of priorities on occasion. Sometimes you need to be a priority. You can’t look after other people properly if you don’t look after yourself as well.
    As long as you do everything with a good heart not with the intention of hurting others I don’t think what one does can be wrong.
    Definitely live for the moment and to the full. Don’t be too scared to do things or put off enjoyment until tomorrow because tomorrow might never come. That’s why I’ve taken the boys to Australia twice now. It might cost money but I’d rather have the experience with them and the memories we can share ( I hope they will feel the same but it’s too late now because I’ve spent the money. Mwah hah hah.).
    We never know what is aroud the next corner but if we live in fear we will never do anything. The future might be bad but it might be brilliant and if we don’t embrace it we will never know.

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