What I want to achieve this summer

It has been the most hectic month yet, Lewis passing out as a soldier, the long drives visiting family here, there and everyone. The car journeys have given me the chance to think. Short term goals and long terms. God knows they seem to change every week, every day, every second. My emotions have been like the tides in the ocean, up and down not quite sitting in either for too long. 

My achievements aren’t just about myself but about baby Dominic too. One achievement I would like to hope is that he will sleep throughout the night by the end of the summer. Going to do various things with Dominic switch up our activities stimulate both our minds more. So much put there to do and I’m not making the most of my time to do it. It will be a summer of fulfilment not regret.  

Obviously I’m always going to have various things to do with my health that I want to achieve but now growing up, looking back on the past, I want to stop caring about the scales. If you’re happy, eat right and try different exercises you enjoy then what’s the issue? Woman’s health have been campaigning #inmyshape and I couldn’t be more supportive of it. That’s what I want to be, happy with the body I have. 

Speaking about the past, I spend way to much time living in it, or thinking about the future. Not enough time in the present. One needs to embrace the now, let go of the past and take the future as it comes. We never know how much time we have left, Dominic could go tomorrow or Lewis, the time we have as family with each other is precious. In the chaos will we ever find balance? 

Balance of friends, family, quality time together and time with ourselves as individuals. In this day and age does anyone actually have true balance in their lives? Even to come close to it would ease the mind and be a blessing. The aim is to make progress on finding balance. One day hopefully it will be achieved. 

However as of now in the current moment, I have a sleeping deadweight baby in my arms giving me pins and needles, the sun is shining, I’ve spoken with ones I care about and I’m feeling quite content. Lunch at pizza express later with darling Amy gives me high hopes that today will be a good day. 

Abi xoxo 


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