A home away 


For 5 days was  grateful to have a holiday, my first as a mother, with a crying baby and pram (the hassle has been unreal). However seeing family- some of which I hadn’t seen in 5 and a half years – the experience was wonderful. For those that don’t know, my grandparents live in Portugal, almost in the corner of the Algarve- in a little quaint village called Salema. 

Over the years more and more people are learning about salema with the perfect beach, great food and brilliant atmosphere. Not to mention the fact it’s 20 minutes from the beautiful towns of Lagos and Sagres. After moving house in England so much, Portugal has been the one of those places I can just land in the country and feel like I’ve just landed at home. No matter if I only visit once a year some of the locals still recognise me and ask how I am, giving me that warm tingling feeling inside. 

Everything about Portugal is perfect, the food (Gambas-Lagos, Agua na Boca- Salema, lorenços- Salema) just to name a few. The culture- in England it’s rare to come across people saying good morning/afternoon/night etc… putting you in that good mood and a positive outlook on the day ahead especially when the sun is beaming down on your face. 

The coffee cake is the best out there. 

I am lucky my grandparents live out there and this trip was made even more wonderful by my aunt, uncle and cousins being there (who I hadn’t seen in 5 years). The smile rarely left my face until realisation hit that they are no longer my baby cousins but grown up into the most beautiful and intelligent young ladies. I’m hoping one day Lewis will have the opportunity to meet them but unfortunately he had to miss out on this trip. Hopefully we will all be able to meet like this again. 

On that note whilst I think about the warm evenings, the fact I didn’t burn!!! whilst being under my duvet trying to stay warm as autumn and winter sets in. Just remind yourselves that summer may have been short but it was a good one, look back at your summer memories and smile. Besides Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas is just round the corner- whoop whoop!! 

Love abi xo 


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