‘Tis the season

 The end of the year is starting to draw in now so I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting understanding the positives of the year and the negatives, however with the negatives trying to see what can be improved or changed for next year. This year has been challenging by far the most challenging I’ve ever had but you don’t grow without these challenges. Having Dominic changed my life around completely and for the better- he is probably the one that has taught me the most in this year. It’s certainly the year I’ve grown up most in. 

For a start you learn to appreciate the little things more, smile more, let go of the bitter past and move forward with the present. Seeing Dominic smile just lights up the world around me; reminds me how much a smile gives, how much it can make someone’s day or give them hope that the day will get better. Society these days need to learn to smile more, smile at strangers, make conversations at tills with employees, majority of them aren’t happy to be there either. 

Last night I watched pride of Britain.It broke my heart, had me pouring out tears but also inspired me by the courage and extraordinary lengths people went to in order to save lives and make a difference in the world. Sounds cheesy but every little does help. I know yes I face my own challenges but someone out there has it a lot worse or has similar challenges but doing something about it. So next year I plan to do more about the negatives in my life. I plan to lose the baby weight and try not to be so negative about it, make the most of Dominic growing up instead of whining about it. Most importantly I want to start to try and raise money for charities and work with different charities.

Abi xoxo

P.s I had a brain block so yes this took my muddled brain a week to do


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